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" to browse ... but to Buy"



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The best represented buyers win.

Agents associated with are true representatives of the buyer, not dual agents or listing agents acting as buyer agents.

We are a relocation and referral network of Exclusive Buyer's Agents.

It is all too easy to buy a home haphazardly, or through an agent that may not have had your best interests at heart. It is a different experience to know that you have been represented by an agent sincerely dedicated to your interests. Your EBA agent will want to show you all available homes. They can assist you to evalute and negotiate. Their goal for you is the same as yours:
To achieve the best possible purchase.

Helping you achieve this is the goal of an EBA.

We will refer you to an agent with whom you can discuss your needs, and ask all possible questions without obligation. In addition, purchasers who buy homes with us excess of $300,000, qualify for a free home warrantee.